Rebuilding in Nepal

When a devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2014 many rushed to help those in need, including Tunna Milanoff who got in touch with our charity collaborator Dayan Cutler in Lamagaun, Nepal. We collaborated with MadAdventures in acquiring and getting supplies to hard to reach areas including Lamagaun.

Dayan continues to support Lamagaun through these difficult times. Dayan tells us that access to electricity and food supplies continues to be a challenge for locals in the area. Dayan has recently donated a batch of fairtrade Ilo by Dakini clothes made by local workers in Nepal to Danakosha Trust and these clothes can be acquired by making a donation to Danakosha Trust at the shop in Jokioinen, Finland. The donation goes towards Danakosha Trust aid relief in the Himalayan area.

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