Danakosha Trust is a non-profit aid programme. We promote education, cultural exchange and the empowering of communities living in Himalayan area.

Currently our programme focuses fundraising efforts on the primary education of children and youth.

Our project is run by volunteers and any  aid received goes directly to the intended destination without intermediaries.

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Manali Student Community Sponsorship Program

We have continued supporting the student community at Ngodup Choeling School of Pangan Gonpa in Kullu-Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. Ngodup Choeling is a monastic school where the children learn Buddhist philosophy and other subjects. The school’s main goal is to support the education and welfare of the children attending the school. Through our sponsorship, the … Continue reading Manali Student Community Sponsorship Program


Danakosha Trust has sent a clothing donation to a lay school in Dzachukha, Tibet, that has been our aid recipient since a few years. The tribes of Dzachukha are nomadic herders. Environmental conditions are hard but nomads are self-sustaining and have been able to preserve their cultural continuity. Lately the modern influences have made way … Continue reading Fundraising

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