Funding activities focused on emergency relief and reconstruction support after the earthquakes in Nepal. Cooperation with many companies and associations both in Finland and in Nepal has enabled transportation and distribution of humanitarian aid in the disaster areas.

The main recipients of aid have been the villages of Bholung and Lamagaun in Nepal.

In spring 2015 Danakosha Trust signed a cooperation agreement with Madventures in order to help.

We have provided the village of Bholung with:

– Building materials including metal sheets in order to accommodate 143 villagers temporarily

– Insulation materials for winter

– A chainsaw for reconstruction work

– Purifying devices for clean drinking water

– Blankets and quilts

We have also supported the community by helping out in transportation of the reconstruction materials. Danakosha Trust has participated in the building expenses of temporary classrooms with other donors.

Himalaya Joy Force and Madventures/ Gimme Ya Wallet have been our cooperating partners in Lamagaun. One set of donation items was delivered to Lamagaun in cooperation with Smile for Hope INGO.

We have provided Lamagaun village with:

 – Waterproof tents and plastic tarps

– Tools

Furthermore, we have send mosquito nets, food, hygiene and first-aid products, medicine, clothes and sleeping bags to Bholung and Lamagaun.

Buddhadharma Association and Nyingma Society helped us to allocate smaller donations to villages in frontier areas, which were more difficult to access.