Education Project in Eastern Tibet

Our long-term education project in the Eastern Tibetan autonomous Region in the People’s Republic of China has produced results and the project continues, although we have begun to shift our support to a neighboring municipality.

The project was originally initiated by a Tibetan village community. They approached us through their local monastery. It is common in Tibetan culture that local people put their trust the local monastery’s spiritual and material help. Similarly the monastery is dependent on community’s support. Because of this, Danakosha Trust works in cooperation with the local monastery and the village community throughout the project. The common goal is to increase the community’s well-being and to maintain local culture.

Among the people living in the community are nomads, who live in harsh conditions throughout the year. Access to education and health facilities are lacking. Families often can’t afford to send their children to study, besides traveling to the nearest school can take hours. Teaching is given in the children’s own mother tongue and according to local cultural customs.

Due to the remoteness of the new municipality, there is a delay in receiving updates and pictures. New information will be posted according to possibility.